Welcome to St Dunstan

Enjoying, Achieving, Excelling Together

Welcome to St Dunstan CEVC Primary School. As a Church of England primary school, we aim to provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere, where each child feels valued, respected, happy and cared for.

Headteacher's Welcome

What Makes St Dunstan Special

Engaging Learning

Engaging Learning

All children are individuals who have their own particular educational needs, accessible in the classroom or through our Specialist Learning Centres.

Active Play

Active Play

Featuring three well-equipped playgrounds, a large field with a wild life area, quiet areas with fish ponds and a sensory garden.

Community Spirit

Community Spirit

We aim to help the children towards an understanding of the part we all play in the wider community. We regularly raise money for a charity of the children’s choice.


James Gray MP Visits

St Dunstan Year 6 students have been studying parliament this term, and what better way to get to grips with the subject than to have a visit from local MP, James Gray. Unscripted, the children asked a wide range of questions taking in the historical aspects of Westminster as well as the modern day-to-day running of Britain’s government. Mr Gray was especially impressed with

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Mythical Maze Challenge Results

The Mythical Maze Challenge proved popular this year with over 9000 children registering for the challenge in Wiltshire libraries. At Calne library 68% of children finished the challenge. St Dunstan had 17 children finish the challenge, 7% of the school. This was a 2% increase from last year. Winners will receive this lovely certificate to commemorate their achievement.

Welcome Improvements

Mr Cook would like to say an absolutely huge thank you to our willing team of volunteers who are helping to transform the school. Not least of all, Mr and Mrs Fry for the amazing job they have done clearing the old pool area ready for allotments and animals. I must also say a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Strange for the

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